FAQs: About Pinnacle Perks
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FAQs: About Pinnacle Perks

  • Why was Pinnacle Perks developed?

    Pinnacle Perks was developed to make choosing a quality healthcare provider fun. Similar to the hotel and airline industries, Pinnacle Perks values the customer decision of where to purchase services. We believe that consumers should be empowered to make educated choices as to what is best for them. Therefore, quality decisions should be rewarded!

  • How will this help improve the quality of my healthcare?

    Health smart-cards improve the coordination of you healthcare by helping each of your physicians get the information they need during your visit. Most doctors will also use EMR (electronic medical records) to keep a detailed health record for you. However, other doctors cannot see this electronic medical record. Your smart-card allows all of your physicians who are Pinnacle Preferred or Participating providers to see your health information and deliver the best care to you.

  • How secure is my information on my Pinnacle Perks health smart-card?

    It is our top priority to make sure that your personal health information is secure on your Pinnacle Perks health smart-card. Health smart-cards are used by many other countries, including Germany and France, partially because of their security. Unlike magnetic strip credit cards that are often subject to fraud, our health smart-cards are encrypted and fraud resistant. In addition, only your Pinnacle Preferred or Participating physician can update your health information, ensuring that it is accurate.

  • Can I use my card for my family as well?

    No, your Pinnacle Perks health smart-card is unique to you. Children and partners should sign up for the card as well so that they have their own personal health record on their Pinnacle Perks health smart-card.

  • How do I determine which provider I should see?

    Pinnacle has carefully selected our Pinnacle Preferred or Participating Providers to ensure that they are high quality and cost-effective. Simply return to the home page and select the Pinnacle Perks Providers tab to search for a medical provider by specialty, location or name.

FAQs: Using Your Pinnacle Perks Card

  • How do I join Pinnacle Perks and get a card?

    It's fast and easy. Simply go to the "Sign-Up / Shopping" section, then go to the "My Account" area and click on "Log-In/Register" to sign up. A personalized Pinnacle Perks smart card and welcome letter will be mailed to you shortly after verification of your information.

  • When should I see a participating Preferred Provider?

    Since your personal healthcare is paramount, discuss any decision to use a healthcare Preferred / Participating Provider with your physician. If you need a medically necessary service, we ask that you and your physician consider the use of one or more of our Preferred / Participating Providers.

  • Where can I use my Pinnacle Perks card?

    Our Preferred / Participating Providers are all outstanding partners in providing high quality, cost-effective services. Simply return to the Sign Up / Shopping page and select the Pinnacle Perks Providers tab to search for a Preferred / Participating Provider.

  • How do I earn points?

    Whenever you receive a medically necessary service from a Preferred / Participating Provider you will receive points, which can be redeemed for rewards through this website. Simply show your Pinnacle Perks smart-card at the time of service, and the Preferred / Participating Provider will award your points to your account.

  • How do I redeem points?

    Simply visit our rewards center under the Sign Up / Shopping tab and view our selection of goods and services. Add the reward of interest to your shopping cart and upon checkout, points will automatically be deducted from your account. If you don't have enough points, simply buy more to purchase your reward.

  • What are the rewards?

    Rewards are shown on the Pinnacle Perks website. You may obtain rewards by paying with points or by purchasing the item (if you don't have enough points accumulated). You will be responsible for any taxes and shipping/handling costs associated with your reward.

  • I've lost my card. Am I safe and what do I do now?

    Don't worry, only your Pinnacle Preferred / Participating Provider can view the information on your Pinnacle Perks health smart-card. All you need to do is contact us for a new card.